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ecommerce websites by Tiger WalkProfessional Online Retail Services

No matter how large or small your business is Tiger Walk can help you with your eCommerce Website.

Let Tiger Walk become your IT department.

Tiger Walk have over 20 years experience of developing solutions for UK businesses. We believe we provide a unique service to get your ecommerce website online and to keep it online. This enables you to focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

We like to think that we take the hassle out of getting your eCommerce Website online and keeping it there. Effectively we handle everything for you. By providing you with the hosting, software and maintenance – we act like your IT department.

Because we do this a lot it gives you some advantages -

  • We’re good at it, we do it a lot and we’re experienced so we use our experience to give you great service
  • You get economy of scale, because we host several sites, the cost of hosting those sites is lower so we can pass some of those cost reductions on

What we do

We actually do most of the things that need to be done to setup your eCommerce Website.

  • We’ll host your eCommerce Website on one of our UK dedicated servers – see Hosting
  • We’ll install the software and configure it for you, including connecting the software to your bank (with your help) for payment processing
  • We’ll help you with a logo and the design for your eCommerce Website and we’ll implement that design
  • If you need any changes made to the Magento eCommerce Website software we’ll make those changes for you (for a small fee) – see Bespoke Development
  • We’ll show you how to use the eCommerce Software – see Training for more details
  • We’ll provide ongoing support to help you with the smooth running of your online retail shop – see Helpdesk
  • We’ll ensure your eCommerce Website is secure to make sure that your customers data is adequately protected – see Security
  • We’ll monitor your eCommerce Website to make sure that it’s running in line with our Service Level Agreement
  • We’ll make sure that your site and its data are backed up daily – see Backups
  • We’ll make sure that your eCommerce Website delivers a great user experience to your customers – see Performance.
  • We’ll provide regular updates of your eCommerce Website software either as they become available from Magento or as we release any new features

What will your eCommerce Website cost you

We do all of this for you as part of the service and our prices start at the ridiculously low price of £100 per month

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